Jun 11, 2013

Have You Found Dad the Perfect Gift?

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Maybe it's just me, but I swear dads are the hardest people to shop for.  Ok, yes, I could get my dad his favorite golf balls every year. He WOULD be happy! But it's just so boring.  And how many ties does one dad need.  Especially now that he's retired (again)?  

To try to keep our Father's Day presents a little more fresh for MY dad, I've tried letting my boys pick out stuff for him.  What? I'm SURE he loved that dollar store gift my five year old insisted we HAD to get him! 

Maybe this year we'll check out the Father's Day Gift Shop at Kohl's.  I was just looking online and they really have a little something for everyone.  Have a grill master dad? Check out this super cool Cubbies grill cover!  I especially love that when you shop Kohl's online you can view items in any category (such as gold apparel) by price range too so if you're working with a budget you can easily narrow down the items.

Still at a loss for what to get dear ole dad this year?  Consider buying tickets for you and he to attend a game or concert together.  You are NEVER to old to have a great time, creating new memories with your dad!  Or how about giving him the gift of remembering old memories.  Put together a great photo book of all the fun adventures you've shared over the years.


  1. Great ideas & Kohl's is practically my mothership.

  2. My husband is particularly hard to buy for because if he wants something, he goes out and get it. Plus, he prefers that we not spend money.



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