Jun 5, 2013

Use Jars and Bottles To Organize a Playroom

A children’s playroom can sometimes be hard to manage and keep organized. Luckily, the empty glass or plastic containers you have in your home can be repurposed to solve this problem. Jars and bottles are surprisingly versatile and, with a little creativity, can become great space savers. This guide will walk you through some of the ways you can apply this creativity to keep your child’s playroom safe and organized.

First you will want to consider the ways you can repurpose these containers to use space more efficiently. There are many ways to do this. One solution is to build an organizer out of old mason jars. If you have multiple jars around the house, you can use a hot glue gun to build an organizer out of these extra containers. Start with the most jars on the bottom, and then glue a row with one less jar on top. Keep building rows with one less jar, until you reach the top with only one jar in the row.

The final product will ultimately look like a pyramid, and you can use this as an organizer for miscellaneous items. Mason jars will work okay but it’s best to search through plastic and glass jars online, and try to find hexagonal or straight-sided jars. The flat sides of these types of containers provide more stability to the structure, and a flat edge on the bottom to support the weight of all the jars.

Another space saving technique you can try will capitalize on the unused space under a wooden desk or bookstand. Simply use a hammer or screwdriver to nail the lid of a container to the wood underneath the desk. Then fill the container with items you may need while at the desk. If it is a craft desk, fill with buttons or glitter.

Then screw the jar back onto the lid to store these things under the desk. This is a space saver and provides your child with easy access to the items in the jar. It is also a safer alternative to storing jars in high places such as in closets or on counters. It will prevent your child from climbing to reach something they need. Any container with a screw-on lid will work, but smaller tureen jars are probably best. The shape is easier for children to manage themselves.

Finally, you can use magnetic spice jars for crafting items and materials to better organize your child’s playroom. Install a magnet to a wall in the playroom and put your spice jars here instead of in the kitchen. If you don’t have spice jars, you can buy clean jars online or just glue magnets on any small jar with a hot glue gun.

While plastic and glass containers make great space savers, they also can be used for creative labeling purposes. You can pick up a bucket of chalkboard paint and cover a few bottles with it. Your kids can use chalk to label each container with new items. This could be a great way to separate different colored glitter or buttons for crafts. A more permanent labeling technique calls for some paint and a glue gun. Write a label with the glue gun and then paint over the whole jar after it dries, adding texture to the label.


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