Apr 29, 2008

Left my babies

OK so the older 2 are far from babies but I did in fact leave all three of my kiddos with a sitter this morning. Surprisingly I did NOT cry. The lady they are with is an amazing mother of 3 kids herself that we know from church. I know they will be totally safe there. I just hope they behave and that the baby doesn't cry ALL day.

But I should be thrilled that they are there because it means Tom might have a job lined up. He is there today to show them he knows what he's doing driving a truck. But they wouldn't talk pay until they knew he was qualified so that will be a deciding factor as well. Since its about an hour drive and gas is almost $4 a gallon he will need to be making a decent hourly rate to cover that cost plus the cost of a sitter in order to make it worth it!! And the other possible negative is that he would be paid as the company gets paid for the jobs he works on so pay could be spotty. But I'm trying to remain positive and hope that it ends up to be a great deal and maybe, just maybe it could mean that I could eventually end up back home with the boys, even just part time!!

But for now I'll try to take it one day at a time...

...but you know that it would be easier to take if the days were more like they were last week. Last week one day hit 80 degrees, we were busting out the sunglasses and sunscreen. Now this morning I had to dig out the boys heavy coats and hats again.

Gotta love living in Illinois!!!!

this pic is from last Wednesday


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