Apr 29, 2008

A Busy Weekend

This weekend was a busy one!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early and heading off to meet a friend of mine from high school that I reconnected with online when we were both pregnant over four years ago. We live just over an hour away from each other but hadn't gotten together. But now we've both had our third babies and decided we just needed to find a date and do it. So we met at Home Depot! OK I know, it doesn't sound like your typical moms get together, especially with a combined 6 kids. But they have a kids workshop there where kids can use "real" tools (this was the highlight for my boys) to build something. They had a bunch of things to choose from, boats, cars, trucks, planters etc. Timmy chose to do a boat and Johnny picked a fire truck. I "helped" Johnny build his while he held on to the hammer. It was sort of like the blind leading the blind. Colette helped Timmy but I was surprised at how well he did on his own. Of course he did smack his thumb pretty good with the hammer. But when we discovered that a piece must have been put on backwards or upside down so that a pre-drilled hole was missing for a eye hook, Timmy created his own hole and we were able to finish it up.

Here's a picture of the fun:

All four of the "big" kids

Timmy with his boat

Johnny with his fire truck

Want to take your kids? Click here for info.

After everyone had finished their projects, minus one MIA wheel for Corinne's car, we packed up and had lunch at Culver's. It was definitely not the quietest lunch we have ever had but the kids seemed to have a good time together. So we've decided we definitely need to get together again, but next time there will HAVE to be an activity involved that will allow them to run off some energy!


After we got home, we regrouped, ran tot he store and headed to a birthday party for one of the boys (MANY) cousins. Everyone got together at Pizza Hut for some pizza and cake. OK NOT everyone really but some of the family...

Then the girls went to Libby Lu for some girly time. As a mother of all boys, I had to go and check it out. So Tom and one of his brothers and his brother in-law walked around the mall with our boys for a while. I didn't get a picture but after the girls get all "dolled" up and pretty. They come to the doorway of the store and dance together. It is sooo cute.

By the time we got home we were all ready for bed!!! Of course Bryan was ready to party so we were up for awhile.

Then we "slept" in Sunday morning and went to church at 10:15 instead of 9:15. After church, we went home for a couple hours and let the boys relax a bit before going to my moms house. Unfortunately, we had a funeral to go to on Monday so Timmy and Johnny spent the night Sunday with Gramma and Grampa. So all the boys and I went over there for dinner (Tom was busy working, painting a house.) It wasn't exactly nice out but the boys took some time to ride their motorcycles anyway. And grampa rigged up a way for Johnny to be able to cruise as fast as Timmy can on his motorized one. I'm not sure its safe at all. And Timmy seemed to intentionally send Johnny flying while I stood and watched by taking a tight turn at a fast speed. But here they are riding around the cul-de-sac.

And here's Bryan. I wish I could say he was this peaceful the whole time but its so not true!


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