Apr 15, 2008

No More Happy Meal toys!

Tom just called me. apparently my kids think they are squirrels or something and have been storing their TOYS for winter. Tom walked into their room to get something and noticed Johnny about to drop a toy spoon into the heat register. When he looked there were already items in there. He said he dug a ton of stuff out but could not reach it all and will have to pull apart the vent from the basement to reach the rest but there were lots of toys, tech deck skateboards CDs in there that he could get too. Like there isn't enough stuff in our house that is torn apart!
I am just not sure why they would do that. After the first time, when you realize that toy is now gone why would you keep putting stuff in there!?!?!?!?!
So now Tom says absolutely no more McDonald's happy meal toys and there will be no more toys at all that will fit in the slot of a register. I suppose its helping us get an early start on getting the toys baby proofed again...but geez it's always something at our house!!!!


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