Apr 11, 2008

>>>Knock on Wood<<<

Yeah, I'm definitely knocking on wood before I post this one.

But it seems that my monster eater baby may actually be getting into a bit of a schedule at night. OK its certainly not my IDEAL schedule but it's worlds better than waking 3 times between midnight and 7 am. But for the last several nights he has eat at about 10/10:30 and although he refuses to go right to sleep, he isn't eating again until about 5 am. It would be even better if he'd be willing to sleep from 10-5 but we'll get there, I hope. But at least at this point he's going to sleep around midnight. And at least this way Tom stays up with him while I go to be around 11 and then I deal with the 5am feeding and we're both able to get a semi decent amount of solid sleep. Its amazing what a difference 6 uninterrupted hours of sleep makes.

But I better knock on wood again, just in case!


  1. Woohoo! Hope the sleeping thing keeps getting better for you.


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