May 19, 2008

My Week

Wow a whole week since I blogged after having multiple blogs each day....

I guess some times life gets away from you like that.

This past week has been sort of a crazy week.
It was Timmy's last week of preschool. He had his first field trip and even got to ride a school bus. Hopefully the mom who was responsible for him will still speak to me at their picnic tomorrow as he can be more than a handful. But I'm playing phone tag with the Dr that our pediatrician referred me to for further evaluation.

Bryan is getting HUGE so we went and got him a new car seat but its still sitting in the box in the back of the van. But while we were gone the local riff raff broke into our shed and stole our lawn mower (an expensive one that's less than a year old) and some tools and electrical stuff. Still not sure how they did it as the lock was open and laying on the ground but the police officer didn't think it looked pick. Still waiting for someone from the police department to get back to me about starting a neighborhood watch as there are several people on our block that are just totally fed up with it.

Then yesterday we went to get eye exams for Timmy, Tom and I. And arm and half a leg later all three of us will be getting new glasses. YUP my little man was lucky enough to get my wonderful nearsightedness. Dr says he wouldn't worry about them for the summer but that he will most likely need them for seeing the board etc in school come fall! And my old man will be getting bifocals. I had a slight change but am in need of glasses that don't look like they were rubbed or a cheese grater.

Let's see what else. Oh in all my spare time I made a bunch of no sew tutu's that are super cute so now I just need some girly girls who will model them for me for some photos!!

I think that's about it. Today Bryan and I have colds and I could use a nap. But instead we'll be packin up and heading to TBall when I get home!


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