Jun 11, 2008

It's official...

well it's officially summer! Want to know how I know?
Because next Monday starts our week long Vacation Bible School at church.

This year I stepped up to head up the Preschool program. What does that mean...

Well in the last two days I've bought:

  • 60 chocolate pudding cups

  • 15 dozen sugar cookies

  • 500 5oz cups

  • 400 paper plates

  • 6 cans of cheese whiz

  • 2 boxes of crackers

  • 2 packages of baby wipes

  • 7 jump ropes

  • 2 packages of streamers

  • and that I am still in search of a dozen toy boats and toy people to put on said boats.

AND that I am supposed to know what is being done with these items...

Anyway its a cute theme, and should be tons of fun as usual. We have 30 preschooler coming. And if you're in the area you're invited to come out Friday evening and see the kids present a little of what they've learned.


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