Jun 5, 2008


Things have been pretty hectic lately so I'm going to do all the updates in one blog post instead of seperate ones.

The boys have had a couple weeks of T Ball practices now and the coach this year is much more serious about them actually learning some fundamentals. They are given and area when in the field and reminded to stay in that area and then they throw it to first base, even though there are no outs in TBall I think its an improvement for them to get used to this key thing in defense. Timmy is actually really strong in all areas (ok he could use a little work on his running but who am I to comment on that) if only he would stay focused. If he's at the pitcher or short stop position he does better but in the "out field" he is totally distracted because in his words "the ball never comes to me." Then there's Johnny, he doesn't appear to be gift athletically but he listens and tries and seems to be having fun so that's all that matters for us right now. I took some pictures the other day and will post them in a bit.

Last Thursday Bryan turned 4 months old and his mean old momma took him to the Dr to celebrate! He got a couple shots which he was not too happy about but the Dr says he is doing fine. He is a whopping 19 pounds 9 1/2 ounces and 25 3/4 inches (for as accurate as that measurement can be at this age). He's not doing some of the things he should be yet but the Dr said that he's still well within normal if he starts anytime before his 6 month check up. Some of those things are grabbing for things and rolling over. He does however smile and laugh like crazy. I have a funny video I'll post later of Tom getting him laughing and then spitting up on him. Ok Tom might not find it funny but I did.

I also did a photo shoot to make some Father's Day gifts, for obvious reasons I won't post what those will be or what photo I ended up using but here are some of my favorite shots from that shoot.

And lastly but certaintly not least, my mom. She is continueing with the new chemo which has been gentler in most ways but it has been giving her some pretty serious dizzy spells. These speels are to the point that Monday she actually feel downt he stairs and bruised herself up pretty badly.


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