May 27, 2008

Our weekend

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day!

We had a fairly eventful weekend.

Friday night we went up to Miller Park in Milwaukee to see the Kenosha Mohawks play. Because we were worried about holiday traffic and construction we left real early and got there around 5. The gates didn't open until 6:45 and the game was at 7:30. But they have a TGIFridays in the park so we popped in there and ate before hand. The resturant over looks the field and the boys were just dieing to get out there but it was still a fiarly nice dinner, including some awesome cheesecake!!
When we did head into the ball park it was a bit chilly. But because it was a special event only the lower level was open and available on a first come basis. We sat a few rows off the field and between the dugout and homeplate on the third base side. It was a really fun game to watch, lots of good hits and base stealing. If you're in the area I highly suggest checking them out at thier regular games in Simmons Field, Kenosha. (Link to their site to the right)--->

Saturday, Tom worked for a bit, but was home before 11:30. So we went to the mall to pick up Timmy and my new glasses. Tom's aren't in yet cuz he's OLD and needed bifocals :)
Timmy looks soo cute in his but it will definitely be a struggle to get him to put them on and not play with them (read BREAK them). Will again have to post some photos when I take them.

After getting the glasses we got lunch did some quick shopping and went home to watch Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark, which I'd never seen before.

Sunday we skipped church (shhh don't tell on us) so that I could help set up for a baby shower without everyone feeling all rushed and crazy. Not that we ever get all rushed and CRAZY on a Sunday or anything. (psh only every week) The baby shower was great. Yummy food getting to see family. I was of course terribly jealous of all that beautiful pink but I'll have to get by buying pink and frilly stuff for Josie. (The irony being that the outfit I bought for her had no pink in it LOL) After a while Tom brought the older boys up and they got to play with their cousins and then we stayed for a fire and making s'mores. It was about 11pm before the boys got to bed.

So yesterday they slept in a bit for me. But Bryan was a crabby butt most of the day. I think he had a bit of a tummy bug though. He seemed really miserable a few times throughout the day. But at night I gave him a shot of Tylenol and 4 ounces of formula and he was just waking up when I had to get up to get ready for work. Timmy and Johnny weren't particularly happy either as I wouldn't take them outside because Bryan was fussy AND had gotten a bit to much sun at the Baby Shower. And Tom was away all day painting. So we'll be grilling the burgers that I got for yesterday tonight.


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