Jul 22, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...

...ok so my lovely husband will probably not see the humor in this title but that's ok.

It appears that while I sit here at work, there has been a "blizzard" at our house.
A couple months ago I bought the boys each a bean bag chair because we have limited seating and they hate sitting on the floor (darn spoiled kids these days). Sounded like a good idea at the time since most other kids furniture seems to be a source of accidents in our house. And I found Chicago Cubs chairs on clearance. I thought it was meant to be. But having never owned a bean bag chair myself, I guess I just assumed that the "beans" would be in some sort of liner inside the fabric. But it didn't take long before there was a small blowout in a seam and I was proven wrong. Being such the handy mom that I am, I sewed the whole shut. Ok so really I can't sew a thing but even on clearance these weren't super cheap so I gave it my best. My work was not exactly pretty but there wasn't a lot to work with as the seam has split because the fabric frayed. But I thought it was pretty darn secure.

But early this afternoon, the boys were in their bedroom playing when Tom noticed that silence that can only mean one thing with boys....they were getting into some sort of trouble. And apparently, my handwork was no match for one of them. They re-split the seam but of course didn't stop there. They attempted to empty the contents through said hole.
So I got a frantic call. A "slightly" overwhelmed Dad with an indoor blizzard, a screaming baby and a puppy who was trying to eat the tiny little beans. They are now outside playing until I get home...

Never a dull moment, I tell ya.


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