Jul 28, 2008


We had a pretty busy weekend. But it was a good one.
Saturday we had a birthday party for two of the boys' cousins. And they got to swim for several hours and had a blast playing with their cousins. We left the party at about 7:30 (after devouring some delic triple chocolate something-or-rather cake). We went and let the puppy out to do some business and headed right back out.
We went to the Relay For Life of Antioch. Now after being involved in Relay for 4 years (or is it 5?) I totally forget that they don't have the same rules everywhere, so puppy actually could have come with us but its probably good she didn't. After 2 kids who were super easy going and could go to sleep anywhere when they were tired, we got one who does NOT like his schedule messed with and when its bed time, he wants to be in his bed, no ifs ands or buts. But we managed to muddle through and make it for the Luminaria ceremony which is what I wanted. And after 4 (or 5) years you'd think I'd remember to bring some darn tissue but I don't. As we sat there I cried when Timmy asked for a "candle" to light when they said if you were honoring a grandparent to light your candle. (But we got there too late to purchase a luminaria.) Then laughed when Timmy felt the need to point out that last year I cried for "like an hour" after we lit our bag. I know he understands more than most 5 years and way more than Johnny but he doesn't fully understand the power of the ceremony, and that, in that moment I cry because I miss my Grandma, I fear for my mom and I honestly worry about myself and my kids as my risk is some many times higher than most. But as we sat there, in the best attempt at silence as I can hope for from motor mouth one and two, Tom went to find some people from his brothers' church to come pray. As it turns out they actually had a special prayer tent which is where we ended up. The boys were in the bounce house when we went in but came out for whatever reason and were unable to get Johnny back up into it, so they came stomping in the middle of an amazing time of prayer. It is such a awesome display of God's power to me to have a complete stranger speak the specific requests of your heart without having shared a word of them. And as the boys stood by, Tom closed the prayer. And back in the car on the way home, Timmy told him, that was the most special prayer he's prayed. All tiny little reminders that as much as some of the stuff going on totally sucks and I don't understand it, God has not gone anywhere. He is with us, I just have to trust in him.

After getting home after midnight we slept in Sunday and missed church.
Apparently the boys really did have fun in the pool Saturday because Timmy began to bug me about cleaning out their pool so they could swim again. But it sounded easier to me to simply go somewhere so I decided to take them to the spray park in Kenosha. It was just the two boys and I. Tom stayed home feeling guilty for having left the puppy home alone all day Saturday and kept Bryan.
But as I often do, I had a complete brain fart and went to the completely wrong area of the lake front for where the park is and ended up at the beach instead. Instead of turning around, we decided to check out the beach for awhile and stayed for FOUR hours. It was a lot of fun and I took a TON of photos. Here are just a "few" of my faves:


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