Jul 29, 2008


OK seriously, I have worked hard the last year or so on keeping my expectations in check as to not be disappointed, especially when it comes to special occasions. For whatever reason, my special occasions tend to spell disaster for the last few years. I won't get into all the details but there have been several major issues on days like my anniversary, birthday, mothers day etc etc. But I also had very high expectations of these days too and as much as I love my dear hubby, his view of these days just wasn't the same as mine so I tended to be disappointed. But it seems that the more I reevaluated my expectations and learn to appreciate the way things are, the MORE the simple things seem to get messed up...
Yesterday was my birthday, not any big milestone year or anything and on a Monday no less so the only real plan was to go out to a nice dinner between work and getting to T-Ball. So we went to one of my favorite places (won't mention the name but let's just say it has a fruit and bug in its name). I decided to splurge as I'd gotten some birthday money and ordered a steak. But wouldn't ya know it was the toughest grossest thing I've attempted to eat in a very long time. Brought back memories of attempting to chew the leathery attempts of my mothers at making meat when I was little. (She can bake like crazy but cooking isn't really her thing)
Anyway, nothing against the restaurant they handled it well and offered me a new steak but we just didn't have time, we had to get to T-Ball, so they took it off our bill. Not really any one's fault or anything I could do about it...but just the point...I technically did not get dinner on my birthday!!!!!!!! Ah such is life.


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