Aug 6, 2008


Yeah I think I might get in trouble if you could understand the title of this post. But I am just beyond frustrated.

Kicking myself for whining about it, as my mom asked me if I want to trade with her...but sometimes I just can't leave my own pity party.

But once again my wonderful vehicle is in need of several hundred dollars worth of repairs. Once again very little is covered by the warranty we paid extra for. That was an expensive lesson learned! Our warranty is up in under 7000 miles so the engine will probably blow in 7050 miles from now too. And I still have 6 months or so to pay on it....

And the plan is to get a newer something when its paid off and let Tom have this van...but I'm not sure it will be anymore reliable than the '94 he has.

Although they have some of my favorite (looking) vehicles right now I don't think I'll be buying from the same maker again....I won't mention any names though...


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