Aug 7, 2008

it's theraputic

OK I've already mentioned that excessive editing leads to eye strain and carpal tunnel but I have to admit I also find it very therapeutic. Yesterday I started to play to get my mind off my frustrations about, well everything it seems like. This is what I created...let me know which version of each you like better...I'll probably never do anything more than stick them in a photo album but you know someday when my luck changes, I win the lotto and have a beach house maybe I'll blow them up wall size and hang them there!! (Hey a girl can dream!)
This was actually three different photos. just thought it was cute. the color looks a little off here in spots but its really consistent anywhere else I view it. so what do you think do you like color or black and white?

This one is actually five different photos. But it shows a lot more inconsistencies that really are there...I 'think' the black and white hides them some.

But then I took two of them out because I just couldn't make them look like they fit...still not totally happy though and for some reason didn't do it in black and white yet...

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