Aug 4, 2008

the fun never stops

We had an...interesting weekend.

Friday night we went to the mall and the boys got hair cuts. They wanted Mohawk which I thought I better not attempt myself. They ended up with...faux hawks I think. They look really nice and they're happy and that's what matters. I however don't have any photos yet...can you believe it?
After getting their hair cut they each got to get an animal at Build-a-Bear because Tom and I each got a card for a free animal for our birthdays. Johnny made a dog which he named Boney Bones. And Timmy got a monkey named George (as in Curious). And despite their sales peoples best effort we actually got out of the store with just the animals.
By that point, Bryan was done and ready to be home so we went home.
Saturday we had 2 family picnic's to go to. Tom was having serious guilt about leaving the dog too long so after just an hour and a half at my mom's he left and went to pick up the dog to take with us to the second picnic. She apparently isn't into car rides as she threw up on the way back in her crate. Thinking it was just too hot in the crate or something, we preceded on our hour drive with me holding her. WE got well over halfway there before I saw that look...if you're a mom you know that look. I'm sure its the look my mom would have seen when I was about 7 had she been awake when I felt the need to try to tell her I thought I was going to throw up instead of high tailing it to the bathroom....needless to say, she KNEW I had to throw up before I got to "tell" her. Anyway, since we were on a two lane road with not much shoulder, I simply pointed her lovingly towards the floor mat. Then Tom ever so calmly pulled off the road. (If you know Tom at all you know I'm being completely sarcastic.) She'd thrown up twice and had the courtesy to do it once on each of MY legs. THANKS! So we get out clean everything up and keep trucking. No sense turning back now. We made it within 5 minutes of our destination before she got that look again. I'm really not sure how a 10 week old dog even ate that much to start with but it wasn't pretty. But once again we cleaned up, and finally got there. (We didn't want to show up with the puke in the car so we left in the grass at a lovely little strip mall!)
We stayed for a few hours and had a good time. But man was I dreading the trip home. It was dark, there was no way to see the look and aim her away from anything precious. But luckily she did ok on the way home, she slept most of the way. So much for making her a world traveler.
Sunday was fairly uneventful. We went to church. It was mission trip Sunday which is where all the teens and adults who've been on a mission trip share stories. It's the service that made me decide to go on a trip. And now it makes me long for the chance to go again. Hopefully, my boys will grow to have the desire to go and think enough of their mom to allow me to go along. Then we stopped at the store for a new collar and leash for our ever growing puppy. While waiting in the car a nice lady pointed out the lovely green puddle our van was leaving. Tom said he'd check the antifreeze when we got home but that we need to get it in before our warranty ends (less than 7,000 miles.) The rest of the day was filled with laundry etc.

Today, its been raining like crazy. Luckily it let up enough that I was able to get to the store because we are in desperate need of many things, on my lunch break. It stopped raining long enough for me to get there shop and get everything loaded in the car and back to work. However, I still didn't stay totally dry as I wiped out as I was going to get a cart in a large puddle. So I had wet pants, that always feels lovely. In case you're wondering I did inform an employee and they seemed oh so concerned that I was ok and threw up some wet floor signs.
After leaving the store without incident I stopped and got gas. When I left the gas station, the car stalled. AHHHH!
Now I have a sore back, wet pants, a big bump on my knee and a car that may or may not get my home safely!Never a dull moment.


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