Aug 1, 2008

crossed eyes and carpal tunnel

that's what I have after having way too much fun editing the photos I took of some super cute kids, who just happen to be related to me. And NO they aren't my own kids. It's been about 3 weeks since I did this shoot and I just keep playing with them. But I think I'm done...for now at least.

But here are a few of my faves...
The only one who really wanted to cooperate and pose etc so there are a few of her:

And a brother:
And another brother: And ANOTHER brother:AND ANOTHER BROTHER:
Yup that's 5 beautiful kids. Ages 9, 7, 3, 1 1/2, and newborn.
Here are some custom items I created from these photos.

And then their cute cousin, just a week younger than her youngest cousin.

THANKS guys for letting me take photos of your cuties. I'm bringing you CD's tomorrow!!!


  1. These are great Lisa! What kind of camera do you use? Is this your profession? Do you use Photoshop? I have it and really want to learn to use it.

  2. Thank you!!
    And to answer your questions, I have an older model Canon Rebel. I do have photoshop but I'm still learning it so these were actually done in Microsoft Digital Image Pro. And I am working on making it a profession. I am still doing lots of shoots for friends and family to learn more and to build a portfolio.

  3. Wow, Lisa! I am impressed! I love the composite you did. Especially how you matched the icons in the corner to her shirt. Lovely work.


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