Sep 2, 2008

Another month gone

So it's September...where does the time go?

Bryan is now officially 7 months old, not that anyone would ever guess that...he's the size of an 18 month old but still not doing many things a 5 month old should...but we love his chubby immobility! :) He also picked up a cold this weekend which has made sleeping restfully impossible for him...and there for the rest of us. But hey I got to watch a whole bunch of made for "lifetime" movies last night.

Other than that we had a pretty busy weekend. Friday we went out for Tom's birthday. Saturday we had a neighborhood watch picnic (not our neighborhood but we were invited) and then a little family get together later in the day. Sunday was church and some shopping (grocery not the fun kind) and a little, ok very little cleaning. Yesterday we headed out for the Labor Day parade. Largest Labor day parade in IL, I should say. :) Met up with some family and then they came back to our house for some burgers after the parade. The weather was gorgeous. So all in all, minus our boogery boy a pretty good weekend.

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