Sep 3, 2008

smartie pants

I was chatting with af riend online about what Bryan has started doing lately and decided I better get my butt (or fingers) over to my blog and get them down before I forget...

The week he has started waving and giving kisses. However, he's fairly stingy with the love still and you really have to beg to get either. But it's consistent enough that it's clearly intentional and he knows what he's doing. He just chooses to not always do what we want...but hey we're getting pretty used to that by now.
And he's started to say his first "official?" word. Its actually one of the exact same thing that Timmy said early on and always made us crack up. It sounds sort of like 'ducka.' But after playing with him last night I'm pretty convinced its an intentional "word" and it either means tickle or toes to him. Either way it comes from what it sounds like when Tom and I say "tickle tickle tickle" while tickling his toes. But we played "ducka" for awhile last night and every time he either gave me his toes to tickle or he "tickled" his own toes.
Aside from that, its all gibberish to us with not so much as a intentional mama or dada that we've caught. But it's obviously coming and it looks like he'll be a chatter box like his brothers because he's always babbling some sounds lately.


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