Sep 15, 2008

beans, baths and babies

It was a long soggy weekend in our area. While we have been spared any flooding in our IMMEDIATE area we got some 6+ inches of rain in less than 2 days. So needless to say we were stuck inside for the weekend. Just a tiny taste of what the long cold winter will be like stuck indoors.

But we actually did OK.

Saturday we relaxed most of the day and then hit BK with a play land for dinner. Sunday we went to church, lunch and then I'll let you figure out where we stopped after that...

And Sunday morning while I was getting ready for church the dog wanted to be nosey about the bath...I bet she won't be coming in the bathroom again anytime soon...

And lastly, I was playing around trying to get a picture of how truly chubby Bryan's legs are. Please forgive the quality (they were shot with our cruddy p&S camera) but I think you can get the idea. This is why my not quite 8 month old baby needs a 2T pant (will need bigger soon if he doesn't slow down or start growing UP instead of out)...
But isn't it impressive that he can do this even with those thighs! :)
And still no teeth but they HAVE to be coming soon cuz he was totally grumpin' but this made him a happy guy...

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  1. aw, such amazing pix :)

    and honestly, i dont even think bryans legs are THAT chubby! all babies have chubby little legs and thighs and they are SO cute like that :) love to squeeze em :) they're all such cuties!!!!!



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