Oct 29, 2008

Another week

Another week come and gone...

Let's see if I can remember it...
Tuesday took Timmy and Johnny to the Dentist. And Timmy although he very clearly expressed that he was nervous, did great. They got all the X-rays they wants, cleaned thoroughly (more kid had plaque build up and I thought he was doing so great brushing) and did the fluoride treatment in those ginormous trays. Then there's Johnny, definitely my son. They say its because he's young but I say its because he got my gag reflex. Seriously I don't know how I survived a billion years of ortho treatments and all the dental work I've had with out choking to death. And it looks like he'll be the same. He tongue simply would not cooperate for the bite wing x-rays (I still have that issue). He also acted as if the polishing thing was killing him. So he got not so thorough a cleaning and exam but hey its a start...finally.
But I also got an answer to my recent wondering about why all Timmy's YOUNGER friends were losing teeth while he hasn't even had a wiggly one yet. It appears my little sharks second teeth are coming in behind his baby teeth (at least on the bottom) so they aren't pushing the baby ones out. Welcome to the world of extraction my little man...
They were going to have another Dr look at the X-ray but I think we'll be able to wait a few months but it looks like it is inevitable that at least the front FOUR teeth on the bottom will have to be pulled!!!!!!

Tuesday night was the last meeting of our small group bible study. It was a great one and we got to know some great new people...we need to make an effort to stay in touch with them.

Saturday Timmy got to go fishing for the first time. His Grampa Hintz took him out with a friend of his on his friends fishing boat. It was pretty chilly but I guess he did great. I was a bit surprised to see how small the boat was...you'd never get ME in it. But after a few hours they caught...nothing! Grampa wants to take him again this week but he hasn't been behaving very well at all since about an hour and half after coming home from his little adventure. So we'll see!

Sunday morning I was asked to share the testimony (similar to what I posted here) about the power of prayer. I was told that we could write something out if we needed and read it and if I were comfortable to close it in prayer. After much thought decided NOT to write anything out. There were a few moments I panicked over my decision. But I prayer almost the entire service for help with it. And when the time came...I did it. Afterwards I honestly felt like I had talked 200 miles a minute and couldn't remember much of what I said at all but everyone swears I did wonderfully. I still don't know how people could do that regularly...those nerves couldn't be good for my heart. :) But I'm really glad I did.

Then after church it was Trick-or-Treat time. It was a cool WINDY day. Without the wind it would have been great but the wind was horrible. But we bundled up and headed out. Johnny, Bryan and I lasted for not even two full cul-de-sac's. And Timmy continued on for one more I think. But they got plenty of candy. And honestly I have to say I was surprised at the quality of candy being handed out even with our current crappy economy.

Monday I finally decided it's time to get serious and started back on the low carb plan that I had great success with a few years ago...


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