Oct 29, 2008

Full Time Opening

OK I'm thinking it's time to hire some support staff. (Yeah I wish!) I'm starting to feel like I have 4 full time jobs! Seriously, I don't know how I get myself into stuff sometimes. Right now I've got my "job" the one that keeps me out of the house for 40 hours a week. Then there's the career I'm trying to start, which I love don't get me wrong (and if you're local and I haven't done photos for you yet...what the heck are you waiting for). But between shooting photos, editing photos, uploading photos and constantly trying to learn more to improve (OK and yeah there's always some times spent coveting some new equipment) its starting to take some serious time. Then there's the volunteer work, which again I love, I just have to work harder at thinking through with my commitments, really its just like 2 tough months because of everything else going on but you know...when it rains it pours. And then there's the family. Between cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping etc...
Some how I've gone from 10+ hours a sleep a night just a month or two ago (because the baby would not sleep unless I was in bed too) to about 5. Ah well, sleep is for the weak, right?

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