Nov 19, 2008

Last One of the Day....I promise!

Ok so I know I've written like 3 billion blog posts today already (mind you I NEVER over exaggerate, just ask my 4000 kids!) but I have this thing bouncing around in my head and I really need to let it out. And I'm hoping maybe some veteran bloggers may have some words of wisdom.

You see I love to write. However, I have this enormous self esteem issue that has hindered me from writing for, well, forever. Every time I write something, I convince myself it's stupid or pointless and that no one else would want to read it. But lately, I seem to be getting over that. I write. I write what I want and maybe it's the fact that I have had just great friends say such nice things that has helped. But now I have come across another hurdle. I am, for the most part, a very open person. I am typically a very quiet person when I first meet someone, as I like to take my time to get to feel someone out before I open my mouth to avoid saying something wrong. I constantly worry about upsetting someone, or being misunderstood. But once I am comfortable, I'll tell you anything about myself. But there are some things in my past that some of my family is NOT ok with me talking about. For years I've shared parts of me, in limited arena's in attempts to help others. But I'd like to do more. I'd like to share more. But how do I balance my right to share openly with how my family feels about it?
I know, I'm sort of talking in circles and I hate when someone talks in so many hypotheticals that you have no clue what they're talking about. But that's the problem.


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