Nov 19, 2008


Ok so I've gotten a tad addicted to the world of blog carnivals (for those who like myself had no idea what a blog carnival is, that's what they call the weekly topics I've been doing where you link back to whomever hosts the carnival and can see the posts of all the people participating.) And keep watching as I am very much wanting to create my own carnival. Why not I always say my house is a circus!! :)

But I figured I was sort of slacking on blogging on what's actually happening in our world. Life continues to be busy. I have been doing a lot of photography and continued to learn more each day, though the more I seem to learn the more I realize how much more I still have to learn.

The winter blahs are settling in as its cold and there are just too few hours of sunlight these days. And Bryan has a lovely cold that has him having a hard time breathing at night and not sleeping well and being crabby all day long. But aside from that we're pluggin along. I have MOST of my Christmas shopping done. could use another thing or two for Bryan not ath he'll care at all but I figure the other boys might wonder why Santa shorted the baby if he gets one thing and they get...well more than one. Then Johnny decided that the thing he asked for for two months for his birthday he now wants for Christmas and he wants some star wars stuff for his birthday. Too bad for him! I know, bad mommy! But it would just totally throw off everything AND the new things he wants do not meet my no little pieces rule for this year. Again, I know, mean mom! But despite the fact that they SHOULD be old enough to not put stuff in their mouth and there for safely have toys with small pieces. 1~ They aren't at all mindful of where they leave stuff so it wouldn't be safe for Bryan. 2~ Last year they got a LOT of stuff with a zillion pieces (thank you Transformers) and the pieces come of and they lose them and then the have garbage for toys! So this year everything they get from Santa and us with me baby safe. Not to say they won't get small stuff from Gramma's and Grampa's but at least we'll limit it.


  1. I HATE little pieces, and beads, and glitter!!! I'm so glad you have been posting so much today because apparently I have nothing to do other than obsessively check my blog list for new stuff to read! Love the new layout, btw!

  2. thanks! I'm glad I can amuse someone with my ramblings!! And THANK YOU for the help witht he new layout. I do NOT have issue with beads and glitter, hence the need for a girly touch where ever I can (ie my layout).


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