Nov 10, 2008

Not Me Monday

Trying something new this week...wanna see others who are participating in Not Me Monday' on the linked logo on the left.

I am not wearing flip flops in the 30 degree weather because I do not have a disgusting blister from wearing "real" shoes for the first time in months for 12+ hours Saturday night.

I did not spend most of the night sleeping while holding my 26+pound baby last night.

I did not throw the worst birthday party ever for my 6 year old yesterday.

I did not spend hours contemplating what I could BUY him to make up for this despite not having the money to do so.

I was not raised to fix problems with presents.

I did not settle for taking cupcakes to his school today as surprise.

I have not spent hours considering how I now handle my other sons party invites because of this.

I did not take any of this frustration on my husband.

~~added~~ I did not spell check this post before publishing for some reason....oh wait that is the truth!

Brief explanation...the point of the Not Me Monday is to be able to "confess" to things by claiming them as untruths. Take the "not" or negative word out of each statement to get the true confession. Then click on that Not Me Logo to the left and see some other examples of Not Me Mondays.


  1. ::::dusting off candy cane oreo crumbs:::: thanks for playing along, but most of all thanks for your comment :) love you

  2. im confused... what is this "not me monday" thing all about, and what is the point of it? it sounds fun but im a little confused lol..please fill me in :) xoxo Megan

  3. I come from a household of comfort presents as well, but I think surprise cupcakes were an excellent idea!


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