Nov 11, 2008

Thank You!

A gigantic Thank You today for all the Veteran's who have given of themselves so that I may have the freedoms I do.
I have to admit that when I was in school Veteran's day really meant nothing aside from a day to stay home and play (or spent at a babysitters house that I detested). But as each year passes I continue to have a greater and greater appreciation of what we have in this country thanks to a countless number of men and women and their families who have given something up for us. While the greatest of these sacrifices is obviously those who've lost their lives in defense of our freedom. But let us not underestimate the sacrifices of those who have returned home uninjured physically. I know many fathers have missed the births of their children and many miss first steps, first words etc. These things can never be repaid to them. These are the things they sacrifice so that we may be able to live our American dream. While many of us are struggling right now financially it is sometimes all to easy to forget to really consider who amazingly easy we have it. Recently one of the missionaries we support through our church visited from Africa. When asked what their greatest struggle is right now, we were told of the countless number of people, men woman and MANY children, were currently homeless because of recent political issues. A election gone wrong had families run out of their homes. Left to share tents with hundreds of others with little to no water or food. Things like this are beyond the understanding of most of us in the US, thanks to those who stand willing and able to protect our country.
I'm not sure yet exactly what we'll do tonight but somehow we'll take a moment to show our children how much we appreciate the Veterans not only today but everyday, how about you?

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  1. Wow! Well-said , my friend. You're right! I need to make the effort to explain to the kids what Veteran's & Memorial Day is and what they mean to this wonderful country we call home. I should've realized this early this week. I'm the one always telling John that it's never too early to teach them about something..even if it's a brief introduction to it now and followed up with full-explanation at a later date. Yet, it didn't even dawn on me to share this with them (Allison). Thanks for helping see the importance of this day, from a different angle.


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