Nov 17, 2008

Not Me! Monday


I did NOT take a nap BOTH days this weekend.

I did NOT sleep for awhile on a love-seat because Bryan would NOT go back to sleep last night!!

I did NOT threaten to let Timmy stand outside without a hat or gloves because they were MIA AGAIN this morning.

I do NOT almost cry as I watch him walk away from the car each time I drop him off at school still.

I do NOT still wish they were all babies and would stay forever that way.

I do NOT have a disgusting fruit fly problem in my house. But don't know (truly) where they are coming from in order to get rid of them.

I do NOT still have a pumpkin sitting on my front porch that not even the squirrels want to go near anymore.

I do NOT REAAALLY want to take a nap again today.

I did NOT let Johnny win tic-tac-toe several times just to see him get so excited about how smart he is.

I did NOT pretend to talk to Johnny's imaginary friend on the phone several times this morning.  (And I definitely did NOT tell him to quick calling the umteenth time he "called.")


  1. I do not love taking naps. Nope I never need any rest. Found you over at Mck Mama's. Nice Not Me's!

  2. Naps sound SO nice.

    I'm like you... only I have Oh Boy... Oh Boy... we'll have to wait a year or so before we decide to see what comes next!

  3. Yeah, I have the same pumpkins at my house. Gross.

  4. I wish I were napping right now, but alas I am blogging, um I mean working, ok I am really blogging at work! Have a great week!

  5. I have the same number of Oh Boys!! Mine are a bit older/younger...8 (almost 9) just turned 6 and 2 mos. And I also do NOT like/love/adore/would do quite a lot for NAPS! Naps are for little small things...not the mama of the little small things. So obviously I could not and do not like them! ;)


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