Nov 18, 2008

Say what...

OK I really consider myself a fairly computer savvy individual, but some stuff on blogger...well it's got me down right frustrated and feeling pretty darn stupid. Why oh why can't I get any of those super cute blog layouts to work without seemingly having to totally redo all my if I should even be wasting the time to change the template style in the first place...

If anyone has some magic words I need in order to make this work...please share!! THANKS

Thank you Susan, I swear I don't know what I actually did any different but I decided to try on more time after getting your comment...and poof it worked. You MUST have said some magic words for me. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

And as long as we're at it, anyone want to explain the whole blog award idea to me!?!?! Where do they actually come from? Is there really any point? Or could I just create some cute little icon and start giving out my very own blog award? Hmmm....


  1. Here's how mine worked:
    Find a layout you want (mine is from copy the code for that layout.

    Log in to blogger, click 'customize', then click 'layout', then click 'add a gadget'. When that box pops up, scroll down to 'HTML/JavaScript.

    Paste your code there, and you should have it. Good luck!

  2. The same thing always happens to me too so I stopped changing it, lol! Thanks for the solution, S.


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