Nov 25, 2008

Tired Tuesday

:::::heavy sigh::::::

What a long day! I feel like I literally ran the 60 some miles I covered (in my van) today. But I suppose it means I was productive. I hope, at least.

I did some work stuff, I handled some photog business stuff (set up the laptop to do some uploading while I ran here there and everywhere), did some shopping for the Thanksgiving event at church (I bought 1200 ounces of canned sweet potatoes, blech) and I helped make some decisions on our Christmas pageant (I am very much looking forward to it, not the getting up at who knows what hour to have us all AT church at 7:15, but the actual pageant). Oh and how could I forget, I got to "feast" with Timmy's class in celebration of Thanksgiving. They made special place mats, and I'll have to scan it because I can't even explain what an awesome job Timmy did on his. They did a turkey and drew on each of his feathers something they were thankful for. One thing he did was the earth. And his drawing is amazing. unfortunately the turkey's body is covering the drawing of our family, but I can only assume its just as great.

Again, I've set up the laptop to do some work while I am ready to head to bed. I don't have permission to share with you all the brave (and good looking) fire fighters I photographed this weekend. But I do have permission from one. He is a great guy, with gorgeous kids and a awesome blogging wife. But he is the one who worked to get me the deal with the department and for that I will be eternally grateful. And without further ado, here he is:

Aside from the productiveness, it's not been the easiest day. My mom has not been feeling well and I guess feeling defeated and questioning, why she must go through all this. I know that this is magnified because on this day two years ago my gramma (her mom) passed away after months of suffering. It is hard to lose someone, but I think it's sometimes even harder to watch them suffer. As Christian's we "get" it. We are put on earth by God, to do his will, and when he calls us home, it's his will. Those of us left here feel sorrow for our own loss. But we know that our loved ones are in a far better place than we could ever give them here on earth. And we know we'll be reunited again. Granted, I know that all these things don't lessen the hurt, especially for those who lose someone FAR before what we consider a full life. But to watch someone suffer, it bring about a true test of faith. Why oh why would our loving and gracious God allow someone to spend day after day in pain and suffering? Why will he not simply end their suffering either by curing them or ending their time on earth? So today, I ask for prayers for my mom. Prayers for comfort, both physical and emotional. Prayers for strength, both physical and emotional. Prayers for faith and peace, that she will be able to know that despite her pain, he loving God is there, with his arms firmly around her. I ask for prayers for all of us that love her and hurt because she hurts and we are unable to do anything. And finally, for God's will do be done.


  1. You did an awesome job on the fire dept. pictures! I wish we could see more hot firemen ;-X

    Many prayers being sent for your mom.

  2. Sorry K, you know I'd happily share if I could. I do have to say they have a good looking group of guys (and gals) who were a ton of fun to spend the time with!

    And a HUGE thank you for the prayers!!!

  3. mannn, i was hoping to see all those hottttt firemen :( im surprised they wouldnt let u show their picture :( oh well, at least we got to see one pic, and you did an awesome job :) what are they exactly using those pix for??

    im saying prayers for your mom....i just cant believe she's so sick again :( :( :( poor aunt debbie :(

    xoxo Megan


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