Nov 24, 2008

Oh my...

If you haven't already been there, you really HAVE to go over and play on

I tried to do one of myself, I really did I'm not lying! But the photo I have, is well the one I use for my profile photo...everywhere. It's the only one aside from some pro family photos that has been taken in the last 3 years that I like. But it is not a 100% straight on shot. So if you don't have one that is totally 100% straight shot with no glasses or bangs, find someone to take one for you before you even try to do this because it just won't work other wise.
So anyway I flipped through some other photos and found a good clean straight shot of Johnny. (I'll do one for Timmy at a later time because this just killed a LOT of time)

So here ya go, what my 4 year old (he's almost 5 now but this photo is almost 6 months old now) would have looked like if he'd graduated in any of the following decades:

OK now its your turn to go play. Then be sure to leave me a comment to let me know you did it so I can see!!


  1. too funny, i did myself & john a while back.

  2. I actually did this a while back. It was a hoot going through all the different years. I did it with my picture and boy did I laugh out loud! Too much fun!


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