Nov 19, 2008


So here's my Works For Me Wednesday tip:
For those of you who love photography and don't have tons of dollars to spend on equipment, to avoid that heavy shadow produced by your camera's flash, use a standard coffee filter as a diffuser. I learned this tip awhile ago and have been using it with great success. Then two weeks ago I bought a "puffer" in hopes of looking slightly more professional. But alas my .01 homemade version works better than my new $20 purchase. Happy snappin'
To do this, I take the coffee filter, fold it in half and trim a bit of each side. Then I have a camera with a pop up flash so I loop it through and tape it to itself. I like to leave it a little big so its not tight against the flash. (Ya know because I'm paranoid that the super hot flash with start the paper on fire.) But I've also accidentally smashed it tightly against the flash and it still works but I think it works better with some room.
Note: That this should be used when you're indoors in a decently lit (preferably nature light) location that just needs a bit of fill flash. If its super dark you'll probably still need a full strength flash...or some good umbrella lights...but that's a whole different post.


  1. But where, exactly do you put the coffee filter...the one time I tried, I guess I filtered out too much flash because my picture was too dark.

  2. What a neat tip! I will try this!


    By the way, love love love your header pic! How did you do it???

  3. Niki~

    My header photo was well a little luck, a little vision, and a little photoshop.

    One nice afternoon I took the boys out to scout some good beach spots for a planned shoot later in the week. I found a great little shaded spot (but not until I'd used up the baby's patience in a overly sunny spot) and got some solo shots of the older boys. As I did that my husband was looking at the lake with the boys who weren't in the shot. I had a lightbulb moment and had all of them stand together. It was just the perfect spot as there was a good hill so the beach seemed to just drop off and then ther was just a small line of the lake. It wasn't too hard to get a good shot when I didn't have to worry about who was looking at the camera and who was smiling etc. Then in post processing (meaning in my editing software) I just took and really darkened the shadows and they becames darkened shadows. I've since made several photo items with this photo for myself. A Christmas ornament, the cover of our 2009 Calendar, etc etc.

    THANKS fdor asking. we love this pic!!! (and for those who are also real photo buffs, I am aware of the dust spot but can't fix it without it actually looing worse)

  4. I love your idea, but will it work with a small digital such as a casio camera?

  5. You know it would work in's just a matter of how to keep it on the camera without it being in the frame or taping it to another important part of your camera. I will have to charge up our little camera and give it a try!


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