Nov 18, 2008

Sharing some Love

Yes yes I should go find something else more productive to do but my head is pounding and I'm stuck at work for another half hour and don't want to do anything I might seriously screw up since I can't focus very well. So I searched for an answer to my question regarding blog awards and found the "rules" for a really pretty award I'd actually seen a on a couple of blogs I've read. So I decided I'd share some love with this gorgeous award. To learn more about why it was created click on the award. It really is a great story.

And here's the award:

And here are all the great momma's I want to have it, in no particular order;

Jenn, cuz your photos always make me smile.

Shawna, because even though you're a blogger slacker LOL (last post was 18 days ago!)I still love ya.

Susan, because you are always leave the best (and most helpful) comments.

Misty, because you are the ying to my yang, the girl to my boy :)

Kristine, because you did a blog post just for me!!!!!!!!!

Tricia, because I laugh out loud whenever I read your blog. (she's proof that twice as many kids definitely makes you twice as crazy, JUST KIDDING!!)

Brandi, because you're a great friend and I can never get enough of your little cutie!

Jen, because it's so great to be able to keep up with you and your family it's amazing how both of our lives have changed in the years since we met.

Hope this brightened some one's day. Feel free to display this award on your blog and of course share the love with those whom YOU love!

*Please note that if I missed any of my great blogger buddies, it was over site, thank you headache, OR you really need to add the follower gadget because...well I seem to have never recovered from Preggo brain after having Bryan so I just use my follow list unless someone actually emails their link and says "hey go look at ____."

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  1. Ok, so NOW that I know for sure you were referring to me...I can comment. lol Thank you, likewise. It was nice to go trick-or-treating with you guys and we're so looking forward to our photo shoot (which WILL happen at some point). I can't wait to see you at work and your creative ideas. Families are beautiful and even more so on film. Who'da thought we'd be here on a blog chatting again after all this time!? I'm thankful for that--it's really good to see you.


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