Dec 28, 2008

And the fun continues

I swear my kids will never know what to do should they encounter a holiday/birthday that lasts just one day. As a child of divorce, I too experienced this as a child but I swear it seems even worse (or better depending on your view) for them. Maybe its because I'm the one coordinating and shopping and wrapping and all but today we will go visit G'pa & G'ma Nugent. They will of course get much more stuff than they need. And we will likely eat too much. But even after today we still have one more get together to arrange. Unfortunately that one all depends on how my mom is I'm not sure exactly when Christmas will actually be 'over' for us.
But for today we're still basking in the Christmas glow, watching Home Alone 2 before heading off to exchange more gifts.
Anyone else experience the never ending holiday.


  1. I'm all for stretching the holidays out. I think it is much more fun to do several smaller get togethers than one big one - that way you really get to visit and enjoy one another.

    So, go and enjoy it!

  2. We do not...we crame it all into one day. Thank goodness. But I remember as a child having it linger going from celebration to celebration. Loads of fun!

  3. we experience the never ending holiday too.. but i love it! i hate when christmas is over because i looove spending time with family, so its nice when we have 4 different places to celebrate it :D im sure it does get overwhelming sometimes for my nieces but its all okay in the end! hope u guys had a wonderful christmas and im sooo glad to hear ur mom was able 2 be out for the holiday! Keep us updated as to her progress! xoxo Megan

  4. It seems more common for holidays to last longer than one day...maybe because families live more spread out now? I thought for sure our holiday was going to spill over into day #3 but we managed to contain it to 2 days.
    Hope you had a lovely day with the grandparents...


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