Dec 9, 2008


Well I suppose I've tortured those of you who are waiting, long enough. So without further ado....our Christmas photos.
Individual shots:Timmy



Then the groups shots which get progressively...goofier

And two plays for Christmas Card samples. Neither of these are our official Christmas Card though...those will be going out via email...yes I'm cheap or is it lazy...or maybe a combo.


  1. NICE is right! I love both cards, but the collage one is my favorite, because I love their individual shots.

  2. Thanks, I'm pretty happy with their individual shots also. The groups are I took 113 photos that morning to get like 13 total photos I liked :) I'd like to have gotten Bryan smiling but he was totally nervous about the backdrop stand for some reason. even once he was off of the backdrop he was still giving it the evil eye until I packed it up and put it away. I have ONE photo of him with a HUGE smile but Johnny was totally not looking normal so I painted him out of the picture.

  3. Great pictures! And seriously, is Bryan stealing all Timmy's food?

  4. Great job!! I really like that last card. I went to Wally World yesterday and made our's up. For $14 I got 40 cards. Pretty good if you ask me!

  5. You'd think so by lookingat them but really Timmy is a good eater and Bryan doesn't eat THAT much. I mean the boys likes food but he doesn't eat as much as one would think by looking at him.

  6. I love that last one, too. I love the color combo and the layout.

    Shoot, I should have just emailed my cards and told people to print them if they wanted a hard copy. LOL

  7. Those pictures turned out great. Your boys are so cute! I keep wondering where the middle one's socks are, lol. Adorable!


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