Dec 10, 2008

So thoughtful

SO yesterday morning I sent Timmy with $20 for their Santa Shop at school. Because he'd missed Monday we didn't get their guide to be able to figure out who or what he was buying. But I didn't want him to miss out. So crossed my fingers and sent him off. Then I read a fellow mommy bloggers blog about helping out at their shop and I seriously worried that I had messed up. Worrying he'd buy silly things or let someone con him out of money. But I have to say he has once again surpassed my expectations. The only thing he fell short of was will power...he was unable to wait even a minute to give his gifts out. I got mine the second we were in the car and the rest of the family the moment he walked in the door. But every single gift was amazingly thoughtful. Yes, its all cheap junk but he bought gifts for 6 people and a small thing for himself (because he had a bit left over) for $20, its not like I am going to be getting 24K anything. But he bought Tom a flashlight, on the surface may not seem thoughtful but the boys like to camp and are hoping to make it to a real campground this year and are always in need of a flashlight that works. he bought Johnny a stuffed blue, fuzzy snake. Blue is Johnny's favorite color and he was thrilled with his gift. And for Bryan he bought a Poo head. Its a character from The KungFu Panda. Its a little odd, really, just a stuff head with no body but the key here, he took the time to find a baby safe toy. I think I gathered that he asked for some help, telling whomever was there that he needed something with eyes that wouldn't come off. And everything on this Po is embroidered. And lastly, but certainly not least, he bought me a ring. Unfortunately I was too lazy to snap a photo of it last night before it lost a "stone" but I have been proudly wearing my adjustable banded ring since he gave it to me last night.

##Edited to add##
For those who were counting, he also bought 2 other gifts that he hasn't given out so I didn't want to ruin his secret. Oh and he bought himself temporary tattoos.


  1. How sweet! He really was so thoughtful!! You seem to be doing right by him. :)

  2. What a good shopper he was. Great job!

  3. Awww WTG Timmy!! I think Brooklyn is getting the same Poo head from Brianna. Does yours jingle? lol It IS kinda creepy having no body! He did an AWESOME job! Brianna, obviously, did the same thing and she did SO well. I really expected there to be issues when I took her (her picking out something too expensive, or just not for that person etc) but she was EXTREMELY thoughtful given her budget!


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