Dec 5, 2008

Friday Foto's

Ok, as promised here's some photo's to show you 1. the difference I nice flash makes (even in snapshots) and 2. what a crazy bunch o' kids I have.
First of all, let me say that in my 6 years as a mom, I've never has the experience of having my kids truly draw on themselves... on their faces at least. You see this all the time in emails, the baby COVERED in marker courtesy of his/her aspiring artist older sibling... Well, yesterday the boys bought a poster with markers to color. (Not much fight was put up consider it was a #88 NASCAR poster!) All was fine until someone left a marker unattended for just a moment and I stepped out of the room. Mind you dad was still in the room, literally inches from all 3 boys. When I returned I found this...

Then since I had the camera out, I decided to bust out the new flash even though I hadn't read a syllable of the book and try it out. And I got this:

Do you see a difference? Everything else is the same...just the flash. It looks so much better!

Then the boys went from the markers to a calmer activity...light sabers. Timmy had found these small light sabers and since they can't play with the regular sized ones inside and playing outdoors is rather limited now, he HAD to have these. AND there was a gre
en one so we HAD to get one from Bryan. Because what 10 month old doesn't need a weapon of mass destruction. But what the heck, it was a buck. I figured he'd chew on it a minute and then who ever broke their first could get his. But no, apparently Jedi runs deep in this boys blood. He was in Heaven with this thing. I have never heard him hit some of the notes he hit before. He was squealing and screaming in excitement. He was literally having light saber fights with his brothers! So much for my baby! But iItalict was a really cool moment to see them all playing like this and loving it. Of course it was just that, a moment, ok maybe 5 minutes, before the knuckleheads were a tad out of control for the living room (notice the glass door on the entertainment center) But I think it made for some cool pics. Even if Bryan does still have green marker on his face.
The face Timmy is making is because he couldn't believe how excited Bryan was over "whacking" Johnny!


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  2. OMGosh, I have to get a new flash now. I totally see how much better the picture was, no shadow either....girl you must be in heaven. Wow!

  3. LOL He must feel so big with his big kid toy! May the force be with you. :)


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