Dec 5, 2008

I'm in....LOVE!!!

Is it cheating if the object of my affection is not a person??

I'm totally 100% in love with my new "toy." I got a flash for my camera. It's like a whole new world. I'm totally in love. ::::swoons::::

I will try to post some photos tonight of the amazing difference that is Bounced Flash photographs!!!!!! :::angelic music plays:::

Hope every one is having a great Friday. I'm home from work today so musts get back to laundry and taking care of the bambinos!


  1. we need to talk..or perhaps you need to be my mentor, I have such a desire in my heart to take photos but can't learn!

  2. Cannot wait to see pics. HURRY!!!! ::taps foot impatiently::

  3. OOOOOOO, I want one so bad! You are so lucky.


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