Dec 30, 2008

Is there a Doctor in the house?

SO do you think the Doctor will laugh at me when I end up having to go in for my serious sports related injury? You know for all my Wii playing?
Ok, seriously I think this is the best video game ever invented! It's the anti-video game, video game. I literally broke out into a sweat while playing the boxing game, which I totally kick butt at by the way. And I don't think our family has had that much fun together inside of our house...well ever! We could use a little bigger room to play it in but aside from that it is the best.

We received our Wii Sunday night but it was past bed time when we got home. So last night when I got home from work we got it hooked up and gave it a whirl. First we had to create our adorable Mii characters. We made them as realistic as we could for everyone, including Bryan. Then we played bowling because Tom and I had played that once before so we thought at least we could figure it out. Tom and I and the older boys played and had fun. Timmy did pretty darn well, I bowled way better than I ever do in real life and Johnny, well he was obsessed with trying to wing the ball backwards into the rest of the 'crowd.' Then we tried golf were the boys stomped Tom by 10 strokes in just 3 holes! The boys and I tried tennis but just as we were warned it was rather difficult and Timmy and Johnny and I were all beaten very quickly. After a quick break for dinner we all gave boxing a go. I went first and the boys just went crazy as I beat on my thinks we may have some boxing fans in the making...or at the very least hockey fans! I KO'd two opponents before needing a break, I mean offering to let the boys have a turn. They both did just as well, as did Tom. Baseball was a little tougher for the boys but they were able to hang in there better than tennis. All in all, it was a LOT of fun. Then we realized it was after 9pm and shut down the fun...until the boys were in bed.
Them Tom and I got out another game I picked up very cheaply at Walmart. We played darts, table hockey, ping cup (an excruciatingly long weird game) and skill ball (or skee ball). Then we went back to bowling until almost 1am.
I wonder if those parental controls had a time limiting feature...? So we don't continue to stay up until 1am with our new toy.

THANK YOU G'pa & G/ma Nugent.


  1. hee hee.

    my daughter got the nintendo DS and I have been hogging it.

    playing petz dogz fashions, lmao. I'm so lame.

  2. we got a wii for christmas too. and ummm yep my arm is sore. i've totally kicked my hubbys butt at boxing! woo hoo. although he gets me back in tennis. and i SHOULD BE beating him. now i'm on a mission to find the wii fit in stock some place. then my legs and arm will be hurting!! lol. yay for wii's.

  3. We have had the Wii since last year, but love it still. All the games are just awesome. We got 5 new games this year and are loving them all. That is too funny...I have been hearing alot of people complaining of sore muscles because of the Wii. LOL

  4. Mimi what games do you have you like???
    Amanda, fit is a goal of mine too but it will probably have to wait a few months. We will have to slowly aquire the extra remotes etc first.
    Mandy...go get one...shhh I won't tell anyone :)

  5. Glad you love it! I hardly play mine. Kevin does though.

  6. It's awesome that they've finally invented a "video game" that the whole family can enjoy together! One of these days maybe we'll get one. My sister's family has one too and they totally love it! Have fun playing and try not to get too sore!!! =D

  7. Oh I know what you mean about the dang Wii. I am recovering from surgery and am on bed rest. The whole family disappears for hrs . I could be dying back here and no one will come..cause of the dang Wii. LOL
    Okay The truth is I am a tad pissy cause I want to play wii

  8. The Wii is so much fun...and addicting! ;) Our Little Princess constantly out-bowls both hubby and I...she struts around saying 'GobbleGobble, GobbleGoggle!' because she is constantly getting 3 strikes in a row! Little twerp...(grin!) You definitely can break out in a sweat - I do when either doing boxing or's a great workout while having fun! I've dusted off my WiiFit and have started doing that again - I imagine I'm going to discover a whole new set of muscles I forgot I had! ;)

    We definitely plan to get more games to add to our small collection...I'd be curious to see what other games people really like! ;)


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