Dec 8, 2008

Me Monday

I was going to include this in my Not Me post but figured all the opposites/negative might get confusing.

But this past week I scheduled my first mammogram. Yes, I am a little under the normal age. Yes, there is a specific reason it's being done. No, my Dr says not to worry, she's just being overly cautious. The issue I'm having supposedly only indicates something serious 10% or less of the time. Yes, I DO tend to always fall in those lucky low percentages but No I am not getting myself overly worked up about it. I am actually a tad pleased about it. Assuming all is A-OK, it is simply a blessing to be able to get this done early given my family history but without any extra insurance hassle. No, I'm not actually looking forward to HAVING it. I hear it's not a ton of fun. But I'm sure I'll survive. And Yes, I'm reminding all my friends that if you are in the range that should already be having annual mammograms.....go schedule yours NOW! And if you're not yet there, be doing your monthly self exams. I won't go into the 'gory' details of my issue as I know there are some who read my blog who are not yet moms and I am convinced that it is not until one goes through pregnancy and delivery that she loses any sense of privacy about all things "womanly" and can talk about all those parts openly, even completely embarrassing unsuspecting waiters!!!!!!!!
So anyway, my appointment is this Wednesday, when is yours????


  1. Mine is coming up soon. I will pray for yours.

  2. First of all, I totally missed your first post today, so when I saw this title on my sidebar thingy, I was all like, "Dude, you forgot your not."

    Good luck with your mammogram. I am in that range, but haven't had one yet. I'll be scheduling it when I go for my next ob appt.

    And you're right about the privacy thing. Once you've pushed out a human, no matter how cute and tiny, all modesty goes right out the window!

  3. praying for you my sweet friend!

  4. praying for you my sweet friend!


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