Dec 8, 2008

"Not Me" Monday

Wow, it doesn't seem like it's been a week...or that Christmas could be a mere 17 days away, but it IS so, that means it's time for another "Not Me" Monday. Take a gander at what I have NOT been doing this week then jump over to MckMama's sight and write your own...come on, you know you want to. Everyone's doing it :)

This week I did NOT cry over a progress report for my Kindergartner. The fact that I worried all summer that he would live in the Principals office and he is now receiving literally perfect progress reports does NOT warm my heart immensely.

I did NOT then tear up only hours later after listening to a voice mail from his teacher that his report did not at all reflect the last week. That the new Rx we tried is not at all working and he is not functioning at school at all.

And I certainly did NOT call him in to school today in hopes of getting a new Rx for the 'old' med that was working so perfectly, at least during school hours. And I am definitely NOT still wait for a call back at 11am.

I did NOT over sleep for church and have the kind of hectic rushed morning I hate.

I did NOT love watching the kids practice for the pageant next week. And I am NOT at all excited to see how my little "shepherd" does next week.

I have NOT put off inviting people to a birthday party that is SATURDAY!! That would be horrible...

I did not let the kids buy mini light sabers AND then light up swords when the light sabers broke! I would never do that because I swore never to have such things in our house.

I did not spend nearly two hours in bed this morning playing with my chubby little man. I am not totally in love with him.

I am NOT sitting here at 11am in jammies and needing a shower!

I did NOT bribe my kids with TV to get them to cooperate for photos for me.

And I did NOT take them to the mall and "force" them to wear matching shirts for a photo with Santa. Then take them to buy matching flannel PJ's for Christmas morning. And my husband did not tell me I'm the biggest dork!

And BTW, I am NOT very seriously wanting to go to the BlogHer conference and needing to find a roommate before I can book it. I do NOT want anyone who's serious about going to let me know if you'd like to room together.


  1. I love matching stuff, and my husband thinks I am a dork for doing it too. LOl
    Great list!

  2. nope never dresssed my kiddos in matching outfits. i have three i have a boy...i am hoping to find matching outfits that way too now!! :o)


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