Dec 4, 2008


Ok, I tend to think of myself as a fairly patient person...ok my kids may disagree but I think it's true when it comes to most things. But once in a while there is something that just makes me want to find the first person I can and strangle them. And today that "thing" is I've actually been a big fan of theirs for some time. They have some amazing deals and often free shipping, I rarely buy anything lately without checking them first. And on Tuesday I placed and order with them. It was for 2 external hard drives (one for Tom and one for me as our Christmas presents). One of the reasons I love is that I can use paypal which is handy because I often have the money but not an open credit card for online purchases (we have one c.c. with a very small limit). So I processed this order with paypal. Apparently there was some issue as a while later I received a eamil from that said my order was on hold because the payment did not go through and that I needed to login and resubmit my payment. So I did. And this time I received my email receipt from paypal very quickly. SO I assumed all was well. But then I got the same "on hold" email. Sure enough when I logged in, it was asking me to resubmit my payment. I closed that window and logged into paypal, to verify the payment. And sure enough over $190 HAD been deducted from my account but was telling me to resubmit...
I sent an email to the address provided in the "on hold" notice asking them to verify that the order has been put through. I got an auto response right away saying thank you for contacting us, someone will answer your email shortly. This morning I get online to find the response, which is obviously a form letter. It tells me nothing more than the first email and does not answer my question at all. It tells me to basically log in and verify payment yada yada yad. Well when I log in the order isn't even in my history...hmm that must be because of the part of the email that says that the order will be canceled if the payment isn't resubmitted with in 3 hours. So at this point I've had $191 deducted from my account but they aren't even showing my order anymore. And they aren't helping me via email. And they don't have phone number to be found on their website. So I sent them a very direct, slightly (ok maybe more than slightly) hostile email to see if I can get a real response. We'll see what happens but I must say I feel much better just getting to share it. Thanks for listening to my ranting if you've gotten this far!


  1. Ugh, what a huge pita! Hope it gets resolved.

  2. What a pain. I hate it when things that should be easier get all messed up. Hope they get it straightned out soon!


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