Dec 4, 2008

Ah....deep breath...It hasn't been the best Thankful I suppose this is a perfect chance to change my mode....

Today I am Thankful...

That I have an outlet like this to be able to vent about the things that make me crazy but also give me a reason to stop and think about all the good.

That we are blessed enough to have 2 vehicles in our family, even if both give us issues and one wouldn't start today.

That I have the ability to call and tell my "boss" that although I'm a block away I have to turn around and go home to take my son to school, so I'll late.

That we have such convenience things as cell phones so I can get the call to go home and that Timmy didn't have to miss school because of it.

That as stressful as life feels sometimes, that my kids can be made blissfully happy by me simply playing hide and seek!!!

That Timmy decided he wanted to go to a thing at school called the Good News Club, that he had fun there and that he will have a weekly memory verse (that will be good for all of us).

That Tom did the dishes AND finished dinner last night! It means more than most would understand!

That I have a loving God who takes care of me even when I let me focus get of course. And that he hears all prayers. Even if he doesn't give us the answer we're wanting, he gives us the answer we NEED!


  1. Thank you for sharing all the little things you are thankful for.... and really, they are not little at all, are they? What blessings you have! And as a not-so-super mom I understand and relate.. but you know what? Those whose opinions matter- our kids, hubby, and God himself think we are pretty special. And that is more than enough.

    God bless and thanks again for sharing. You brought me joy.

  2. I am thankful that He hears all my prayers too. So comforting! Great list.

  3. What a great list of blessings! Happy Thankful Thursday!

  4. Yes, God hears all the little and big things.

    Thank you for sharing your thankful heart sweet sister.

    Blessings, Lyndy

  5. Great list!!

    Hope you are having a good TT.

    Stop on over I'm having a give a way!!

  6. Bless you for being thankful sweetie.


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