Jan 28, 2009

Back in the Bathroom

title="Flippee The Toilet Shield">
alt="Flippee The Toilet Shield"/>

Since, I've already been talking bathroom stuff today I figured I'd stick with the theme and post a review I've been meaning to get to.

As a mom of multiple boys, lets just say that our toilet is rarely clean. While I've considered getting a target that I've seen that you put inside the bowl to give them something to aim for, I've never gotten around to it. But then I found the Flippee. It's one of those things I think every mom of boys should have. Something they simply give you at the hospital when you take your new baby boy home. But they don't. So for now you'll have to settle for buying your very own Flippee.

From the website:

Flippee The Toilet Shield is an innovative product that keeps your bathroom cleaner and makes potty training boys easier!
Flippee protects the bathroom from accidents by creating a barrier to the toilet, floor and walls. It easily attaches to the toilet with suction cups and stores discreetly around the base. The
drip lip feature stops any excess from hitting the floor when it's flipped down.

Really I think the only thing that could make this better would be if it could be automated, you know the "boy" walks in and it automatically pops up into "boy mode" but when momma walks in, everything flips down into "momma mode." Of course that's about as likely to happen as Rosey from the Jetson's showing up to do all my cooking and cleaning!

And if the product isn't great enough I have to say the contact I had with them personally was wonderful. They are so nice to work with.

I'll try to remember to finally take a photo of it (I promise it won't be IN USE when I do) tonight!


  1. TELL ME! I too live with men, and need to know more!

  2. My boys (hunny included) are big enough to not make a mess and they still do. Maybe I need one of these for them. LOL!

  3. Seriously there is nothing in the world like cleaning the bathroom up after boys!!!!!


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