Jan 6, 2009

could it be???

My middle child (who shall remain nameless to protect his identity LOL) has actually been going to that bathroom on the toilet today.  Yes, that's right, if you're keeping track, he's already 5 and not potty trained, at all.  I blame it on his fathers genetics because all of his boys seem to have serious potty issues!  His oldest was having major accidents past his 5th birthday, after training shortly before.  My oldest, was peeing in the potty before he was 2 for a while but then decided he wouldn't anymore.  We struggled until he was 3 with peeing.  But it wasn't until after he was 5 that we were able to get him to start pooping on the potty regularly.  He would hold it for literally weeks.  Finally we were using Miralax and he found that it simply didn't hurt if he'd go everyday.  But he still will totally back slide if we miss his Miralax for more than one day and he has a painful bm.  Oh the joys of boys!!!!
So anyway, my middle son...for whatever reason took forever to seem like he might 'get it.'  I'd spend 20 minutes with him in the bathroom with no success and then before I'd get him a fresh pull-up he'd have peed on the floor.  So I simply didn't stress.  We'd ask and he'd tried SOME times but he just never had success.  Then this morning while the oldest was in brushing his teeth he announced that his brother was peeing.  And he's done it several times since.  I won't hold my breath that it's the real deal but it's promising.  

If you feel the need to share some potty training tidbit, feel free, it may help someone but I seriously doubt there is anything that we haven't heard and tried.


  1. That's super great! We've been working with our 2 yr old..almost 3. He reacts to positive renforcement. We make a huge deal about pottying. As embarrassing as it may be...we call everyone in there to cheer and clap while he's still on the potty. Funny enough, he walked in on me the other day and started clapping. Also, we use spiderman stickers. Sometimes he'll ask for one and he always gets reminded "You only get that if you potty."

  2. Yeah! Hopefully, it keeps up. I have no help. My kids Thank God were super easy. Even StuntMan. But I did wait until all the signs were in place before even attempting. Made it less stressful for everyone. Baby steps.

  3. I hope he keeps using the potty. My youngest is almost 3 1/2 and has NO intrest in potty training. Hubby is starting to freak out but I keep telling him that he will do it when he is ready....you cant rush these things.
    Good luck!!

  4. When my son was potty training, I was wondering how I could teach him to stand and pee. (His dad is long gone.) I read an article in Parents magazine that worked like a charm. I threw 4 Cheerios into the toilet and made him aim at them, telling him to try to sink them. It was fun for him, and his aim is pretty good too! BONUS!!

    Pooping was another issue, so I bribed, er REWARDED him with candy. We called it poo candy. Lol!. He pooped on the potty, he got one candy.

  5. We're starting with our 2 1/2 year old girl. So far today we've only had one accident and she pooped in the toilet! I've heard girls are easier and she's our first so I am feeling pretty lucky. Hope it continues to go well with your boy(s)! Good luck.


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