Jan 6, 2009

Madder than wet hen...

my baby that is.  He has the temper of...I don't know, his father.  He is crawling and starting to pull up on stuff but mad does he get peeved when he falls or bangs he.  And he wants to blame it on someone else too!  I haven't had a temper on a kid this age before and I'm not sure what to do.  He is the most aggressive and physical of the three boys in most other ways.  He loves to be tossed and rough housed.  But let him fall from to standing to sitting on his butt and he screams like someone just ripped of a limb.  The other boys were always fine with those little bumps if we just made them seem funny, not him.  Looks like the toddling stage will be a rough one for him.

And for those of you who haven't a clue what the heck it means to be madder than a wet hen (like myself) feel free to check it out here.  I was actually looking for some other madder than...expressions but couldn't find any that weren't at least somewhat offensive.



  1. Sounds like you got some fun ahead of you. Mine is sleeping but will be madder than a wet hen when i wake him to go get his sisters from school in a few moments.

  2. Oh I do know what it means to be madder than a wet hen. I am from the south..

    Mine gets madder than a wet hen in the middle of the night.. SEVERAL times. Fun stuff.

  3. mine also gets ma at night too, several times but at least once that will not be helped without a bottle.


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