Jan 16, 2009


I knew I'd forget something with all that was bouncing around my little brain wanting to jump onto my blog. But that's ok, maybe this way it won't get lost in the rambling and you'll be sure to share some comments. Like I KNOW you shared a "traumatic" child hood memory. What? You didn't?!? Well, you better...or I'll find you. OK no I won't, but if you have one, go back and share when you're done with this post.
Ok so anyway, last night while my most perfect oldest son was in the bathroom to do...some business, I heard what sounded like him scratching on the door. I yelled, I mean politely asked him to stop whatever he was doing but then thought nothing more about it. He took a good while after that to emerge but who am I to disturb a boy taking care of business. But then, I went into the bathroom a short while later and found a collection of white...stuff on the floor and then noticed a good sized spot of paint missing from the back of the door. Apparently Tim Allen is wanting to remodel the bathroom and was starting with stripping the paint on the door. Granted I too think the door looks shabby and I'd LOVE to redo the whole bathroom but really...what was he thinking. I called him in and simply told him he'd be watching no movies this weekend. He in turn offered many things instead of losing movie privileges. But then dad had to come inspect the damage and asked what he'd used to remove the paint. I'd simply assumed he'd scraped it with his finger. But no, he used my tweezers... I swear I'm going to find a security alarm for those things. It's nearly impossible to find a really good pair of tweezers and I am always loosing them when I do finally find a good pair. So anyway, this morning as I sat and stared at the lovely spot mist fix-it made I began to wonder...what was he thinking? Why do kids do such dumb stuff? But then I had a flashback of one of my own most memorable dumb act. When I was in 2nd or 3rd grade I went to a babysitter everyday before and after school. One day I was apparently bored and started playing with stuff in their bathroom. I tried on some lipstick and random other things, and then a razor. I don't recall what I shaved for the life of me though. But then after I was done amusing myself, or maybe it was when I started to worry that they'd wonder what on earth I was doing in there all that time, I was convinced they'd know I had messed with the stuff. So in a completely illogical attempt to keep my secret hidden I took everything I'd touched and hid it. I don't remember what the stuff was but they had a container of something, it was about the size and shape of a lager margarine tub but had powder in it. I really have no idea what I was thinking in this...how this would be less obvious that things had been touched. But the following morning, my mom woke me up very early to ask if I had seen or done anything with the man's razor. I, of course swore innocence, but was found out eventually. Ok so tell me I"m not alone and that you can remember something you did as a child that made absolutely no sense. Then join me in trying to remember these stories as we deal with our own children and their nonsensical behavior.


  1. Dumb things we do as a CHILD? I could go on for hours about the dumb stuff i have done as an adult.... like lock my keys in the car every 3 months, forget to mail bills... everything...

  2. loved the last two posts. probably because they're a lot like mine.

    when i was little i used to play games with my sister outside. if she lost i made her run laps around the house and then do push-ups. she was like 7. oops.

  3. Well, at least it was your sister. This made me recall that when I was in probably 4th grade my BFF and I decided to start our own club and we were slightly mean to the two sitters that lived on our block that wanted to be in our club!
    You know the more I think about stuff like this the better I feel about my own kids and they're chances to grow to be decent adults!!

  4. I taped marbles in my cheeks trying to make dimples. :)


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