Jan 16, 2009

Keeping it together.

So a new blogging buddy mentioned today that she's going to be keeping notes on how I do it with three kids as they plan for adding to their own family.  This literally made me laugh out loud because anyone who knows me would not consider me someone they want to aspire to.
I am literally hangin' by a thread every day.  And some days that thread is really really close to breaking, like today.
I've already posted about how the day started but it didn't really turn around at any point.  We are switching phone carriers at work and the phones were supposed to arrive via a large nation wide carrier this morning and the rep from the new carrier was supposed to be out at 2pm to switch everything over.  Well the phones hadn't arrive by the time he did.  He called and they were guaranteed by 3pm, but he swears they usually arrive early morning which is why he was confident they'd be there.  So the rep decides to go check on some other customers and be back at three unless I call to let him know the phones arrived.  He came back at three and the phones weren't there yet.  So he called, again, this time there is supposedly a note in the system that wasn't there 45 minutes ago that says the truck got a late start this morning due to weather.  So it was going to be an hour late.  So the phones finally arrive at 3:45.  The rep says the switch will take like 2 minutes a phone (of which there are 7) to handle.  Ok, no problem.  I'm scheduled to work until 4, but was late because of the not knowing there was no school thing.  But amidst all this the dealership has called to let me know my van is ready to be picked up, so I need to get to the dealership by 6pm.  Had everything gone smoothly, I'd have no problem making it, but things did NOT.  So I rushed out the door at 5:30 and still had to stop at the bank for work.  It was on the way so I can still make, if the traffic lights would just start working with me.  Then I remember I have to return the rental with the same amount of gas..crap!  So I hurry, and get $5 of gas in the freezing cold.  I end up being just a couple minutes late. So I pay my $579 and they pull my van around.  I get in and start adjusting the seat etc and the van dies. WHAT!?!?!?! I just spent almost $600 and whatever the warranty covered on top of that for this exact problem!!  So back in I went.  Of course, the service department is closed already.  But they were able to find me one guy who could still enter my info back in and ok me to take the rental car for another day.  I have to call in the morning but I don't imagine this will end well.  I guess we'll see.
But I do know I am not happy that I ended up getting home at 7pm today.  I know that stay at home moms do a lot but as someone who got to be a SAHM for awhile I can tell you it simply doesn't compare in most ways to being a full time working mom outside of the home.  It sucks to have a whole day go by and spend no time with your kids.  And all the other stuff is still there for me to do to.  You know the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, and many times the homework.  There are somethings that my husband does since he's home during the day but the list is almost not existence compared to what I did when I was home full time and he worked!  I try not to complain tooo much because it's a mutual decision that for now it makes sense for me to remain working.  But it's still hard.  My house is embarrassing because I rarely have the motivation to do anything around the house accept on the weekends.  
So really, I'm not the mom you want to look up to.  But the one thing I do think I am good at is making the most time I can for my family and doing fun things.  I could rush home and do the housework before I'm too tired.  But I would rather put all that stuff aside to take time with my kids because they are growing entirely too quickly.


  1. Great post. I think putting the house work aside and spending it with family is perfect!

  2. I am going to throw my full support behind you as another full time working mom. It is hard. I know how you feel. There are many days I am lucky to get 1/2 of any kind of quality time with boys. Usually that is broken up in our car trips to where ever we are heading. Don't feel bad about your house being "embarrassing" as you said. Mine is too and I decided I don't care about that anymore. When I work sometimes 40 + hours a week and am a full time mom and housewife on top of it I decided that cleaning and having a perfect house take a back seat to enjoying my weekends off with my family. Infact today we are going to town to do a few errands but then we are going to go out to lunch, see a movie and take the boys shopping. My house is a pigstye and maybe I will get to it tomorrow. And maybe I won't. Be happy and put your family first that's what I say.

  3. You have a very full plate. I cannot imagine doing all that you do. Hang in there. :)

  4. Hi.
    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy stopping by every day and reading.

  5. This was a great post! I have been on both sides of the fence as well! I hate that you had issues with your van- after fixing it- doesn't that just burn you?I have had the same similar comments about How do you do it? it usually comes after everyone dumping their kids off at my house when they have "stuff" to do and they only have ONE CHILD~!!!!!! How nice that must be...... Hope your week gets better!


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