Jan 5, 2009

Here comes trouble...

My baby is finally mobile.  He's been scooting for a while, in a weird way on his tush.  But now he's crawling and really deciding he has the ability to get into stuff.  
Yesterday everyone was dressed and ready for church.  My husband was taking the dog outside one last time before we left and I was filling bottles to take with us.  When Johnny started cracking up and saying something about Bryan and water.  I turned to find that Bryan had dumped the dog's water dish.  I didn't think much of it off the bat because the dog rarely leaves anything much IN the bowl.  I scooped him up and he left a river dripping from his pants through the living room.  Had Timmy wipe up the floor with a ShamWow (did I mention that my husband is in love with these).  Then stripped off Bryan's pants and socks which were a good five pounds heavier from the water.  He thought it was all pretty darn funny!  He is now pulling up on the couch too.  But he is not at all steady and gets SUPER mad if he falls, even on his bottom!  Something tells me the next couple months could be a little rough.  
I tried to get some video clips of his crawling today but he was not super cooperative.  He is also becoming impossible to photograph because he has a great desire to touch the camera lens (budding photog or just a trouble maker? you decide) coupled with new mobility leads to lots of extreme close ups.


  1. I remember wishing the boys could finally walk so my arms could rest, then wishing they couldn't so I could get some rest from chasing them around! ha

    every stage passes so fast!

  2. Look out! Now the real fun begins.


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