Jan 5, 2009

My artist...

Sorry I haven't gotten to take any photos yet of the art work.  He hasn't had a chance to actually do many pieces yet.  But he came home today and let us know that he had done some thinking at school today.  He wanted to know if I thought he could do three jobs.  I told him it sort of depended on what they were.  He said he wants to be a teacher, an artist and a bee expert.  The bee expert thing sounds a little random if you don't know that he's actually been talking about wanting to become the youngest bee expert ever for a few months.  We have even checked out several bee books from the library.  We would have gone back for more but one of the original ones is still MIA in our house so until that's found...
Anyway, I'm fairly sure that this fascination is partly due to his brothers horrible luck with bees.  The boys was stung three times this year!!  And I have yet to be stung in my life.  I'm sure it's also partly due to a large volume of bee related things on kids TV.  Seriously, we have seen a TON of bee things on everything from Noggin to PBS!  
But it's actually the teaching thing that was new to us.  I know he's only 6 and will likely change his mind a hundred times or more before he actually gets any job.  But he's already come a long way from his dreams from a year ago.  He used to want to be Batman and work at Burger King!
So what do/did your kids want to be??


  1. those 3 jobs would work together--teaching during the school year, bee bbsitting in the summer and art in between--perfect!

  2. So cute! Actress has always wanted to be a cashier. Too funny. Everytime she sees a cash register she freaks out in a good way. We must own 12 play cash registers. She also would love to be a teacher...she likes to tell people what to do. Model hasn't said anything. Hmmm...better ask. STuntman is 3 and wants to be a boy forever. LOL


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