Jan 17, 2009

Here's hoping...

Ok so yesterday i complained that I hate how little time I feel like I have so it probably seems dumb that I've chosen to take on the added stress and time commitment of the whole photography thing but before making the decision I spent a serious amount of time thinking and praying about it and also asking the same of my husband. We both came to the same conclusion that I needed to try and see what happened. So for now its another thing to take me away from home but it is our hope that I could turn it into something that is regular enough to replace my full time job so that it would mean a schedule fully under my control. Not to say having your own business is easy, TRUST me, I know all the pitfalls and that's why I am going slow. But I also believe that if you do what you're truly called to do and use the passion and gifts you've been given, God will bless that. And I have to say I've already been blessed by taking the leap.
By simply getting out there I have have grown personally, met some great people and had fun. I still feel like I have plenty to learn but for now I've also been blessed with clients who love what I create and truly help me grown and feel more confident.
Today I did a sort of three in one photo shoot. I did a senior portrait session but then also did photos of her mom, uncle and grandfather all in their fire fighters uniforms, and then did a few shots of her, her sister and her father. Here is my favorite shot straight out of the camera...


  1. love the pic. i wish you didn't live too far away from me. i'd totally have you take dustin's three month pics this week...

  2. Wow! What a great shot! You're sure to be a success with talent like that!

  3. That is a great shot! Would love to see more on your blog (or a separate blog for your business?!) Would love to have you tak our kiddo's pictures!

  4. Great shot, especially considering it is RAW and hasn't had any touch ups.
    My husband, when starting out, spent tons of time on photographers websites, getting ideas for what is currently "hot" out there and what clients want.
    Some of his favorites:
    and open source photo
    (I have others if you are interested)
    These have helped him with connections, ideas and more.
    Good luck!
    I am going to try and get my hubby to drag out his big ole Canon (he shoots with a 5D and the L series lenses, which means nothing to me, but to other photographers it might.)
    Anyhow, to finish that sentences, I want him to take some pics of my youngests pudgy little hands. They are big and pudgy and I love them!!

  5. Best of luck on your new business! I hope it will work out. I started my own business about ten years ago and have enjoyed the directions it has gone in; not always an easy road but always exciting!

  6. Thats a great picture. I hope you can make a go of it. Looks to me like you have a good eye for photography.

  7. Oh she's gorgeous! Lisa, you know you need to get your butt moving with this. You are so talented! (Then you can mentor me???)

  8. wow, great shot! you truly have some talent :) are you able to post any of the other pictures from that session or no?! *megan*


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